How to do the Celtic Knot Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a little tricky, but we think you will be thrilled when you master it! We made a video tutorial to break it down for you! Happy Knoting 😉

How to Dress up Your Champagne!

For those purists out there, you can still dress up your champagne!

Snow “Man”icure!

Video for an adorable Snow “Man” Icure to try out for this wintery season!

Homemade Kale Chips!

Kale sounds like something that’s good for you, but maybe it doesn’t sound like a delicious snack you just can’t wait to eat.. However, this recipe is absolutely amazing. We really think that the whole bowl will be gone in 10 minutes or less! Here’s the video for how we made them. So yummy –…

Make Aubergine Pizzas!

We thought that you might enjoy this video recipe for Aubergine Pizzas. What a treat! And, bonus… they are healthy too! Enjoy the video, and always, be welcome to share & comment! Xxx GraceGil

Proper Table Settings Refreshed!

It’s always great to have a bit of a “refresher” on how to set a proper table. Especially when entertaining for special occasions and formal dining! Here’s a video “how to” from Kira & Toren Elste for how to set a perfect place setting! Be sure to share with your friends! Xxx GraceGrl

Try an At Home Pilates Session!

Here at Grace Girl we love Pilates! It’s such intelligent exercise, and works our muscles in ways we actually use them! It’s a wonderful addition to any workout program. Here’s a short video for you to try – it’s in the style of Kira Elste’s Pilates 24/7 Apps. If you’d like to check out the…

The French 75 Cocktail

We love cocktail hour, but we’re not big fans of gin. If you are, then feel welcome to keep your French 75’s classic. 😉 This recipe uses vodka in the gorgeous French 75 cocktail, and garnishes with blueberries. We hope you pull out your favorite champagne glass & make one tonight! Xxx GraceGrl

Barre Exercise for at Home!

Get a taste of some Barre Faves with this video from Kira Elste, host of the top Pilates app on iTunes’ App Store! You don’t even need to drive to the gym ~ Who knows, you may find that barre is the type of exercise you’ve been waiting for all these years! Xxx GraceGrl

Healthy All Natural Energy Bars!

These energy bars are such a treat! Make a batch & throw one in your purse each morning. In this video recipe we tried them out, and were pleasantly surprised. The dates give just the right amount of sweetness, and the cashews give you that protein boost you need to rock your day!

Dinner Tonight! Lasagna of Zucchini

So why are we calling it “Lasagna of Zucchini” rather than Zucchini Lasagna? Well, instead of adding Zucchini to our noodle Lasagna, we completely replaced the noodles. It came out absolutely delicious. Here’s a video recipe hosted by Toren Elste! Enjoy & Bon Appetit! Xxx GraceGrl

Fishtail Braid Hairstyle!

Hi Grace Girls! Here is a hairstyle that is so simple to do. It doesn’t take much time at all. We made you a video so that you could see just how accessible this style is, and try it out on your own hair. We sure hope that you enjoy it – and remember it’s…