Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs!

Hi Grace Girls!
What a fun and beautiful way to dye your Easter Eggs! We had such fun with this project. Favorites were blueberry and turmeric. We think it is especially wonderful if you intend to use hard boiled eggs that you actually intend to eat!


Hi Girls! It’s a lazy Saturday morning and I’m sitting in my robe enjoying a cup of coffee in an adorable Easter mug, catching up on all of your wonderful blog posts from the week. Posts which I let slip by as I failed to succeed with my work/life balance goals! I do however, love…

Bring on the unexpected guests!!

When those unexpected guests magically appear at your door during happy hour time (funny how they only come around 5/6pm!) and you’re scrambling to grab some snacks to feed them with their beverage…Not to fear…with these few simple ingredients you’re guests will be happy and satisfied and utterly impressed by your ability to create such…

movie night made d-lish

Tired of your ho hum popcorn while watching your favorite flick?? Here are a few ways to add some extra “pop” to your popcorn!

Hard boiled eggs made easy!

Ever wonder how to get perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs…Here’s how! You’ll have an “egg”celent breakfast every single time with this quick video!  Click the icon to watch!