SMART people…yup…That’s YOU!

Good Day Grace Girls!

I was going to do a fashion post…but that will have to wait until next week because…

I just received this via email and I needed to share it with you all!

As Grace Girls we are all successful ladies and we are also “Girls Real and Classy Everyday”…here’s a list that sets you all apart!

smart people

Print it…use it as a background…disregard it…whatever but give yourself a pat on the back if you even do a few of these things!

My favorite being…successful people “maintain balance in their life”.WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER…ENJOY YOUR LIFE…CARPE DIEM….because lets face it…Life’s a kick!! Ok, Ok, I know you get it!


Oh and by the way…Grace girl Kira always says “successful people make their beds” just what you want to hear when you’re running out the door late for work….but lets face it…she’s right!

Have a great day!




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