Dress for Success!

Hi Grace girls!

You’ve probably heard this one, “You are what you wear.” Believe it? Scientists do! In a series of experiments, students were instructed to put on a white lab coat and then perform mental tasks testing their attention to detail. Subjects were told the coat belonged to a doctor. When wearing the coatthe subjects showed significantly heightened attention abilities (more “clinical”). Scientists are calling the phenomenon enclothed cognition”. Follow this with, “Dress for Success”. Have you ever noticed when you’re all gussied up you feel better, more confident, perhaps stand up a little straighter? I always knew there was some science behind these feelings, wink, wink. Remember the “wear your PJ’s to school” era? Sloppy, frumpy, I’d rather be snoozing. Do you think that hindered our ability to learn? Food for thought. Meanwhile, let’s all make a pact to step it up a bit, why not? See if we feel differently on days where we coordinate an outfit, do our hair, put on a touch of makeup and let’s really go all out – accessorize!

Click the picture to view the video…1 blouse, 3 ways


cool-summer-work-outfits-for-girls-11           cool-summer-work-outfits-for-girls-16          cool-summer-work-outfits-for-girls-9

Here’s some inspiration: http://www.styleoholic.com

I’ll be the one in palazzo pants…Thats all for now!




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