#FridayFaveFive for sunny days

The suns out and here and we at gracegrl are lovin’ it. Which is why we’re sharing our Friday fave five with you for sunny days! These are our sunny day essentails for ensuring you have a stress free, fun and perfect day of enjoying the sun!

  1. Sunglasses: you can never have too many pairs, if you’re anything like us we have them in our purse, car, hallway and an extra pair in our room…these are perfect because 1. They’re inexpensive (you won’t be too sad if you lose them) and 2. they’re made of renewable resources!


2. Sunscreen is a must for sunny days! We recommend this Neutrogena spf 50, it goes on smooth, is not greasy and will keep you protected from the sun’s rays no matter where your day takes you. It comes in small size too (perfect for slipping into your purse)

3. Lipgloss with SPF: you never really think about that in the sun, but your lips are prone to sunburn too, why not protect them and add some pzazz with this awesome lip color!

4.Our favorite part of sunny days is getting outside and being active, which is why frisbee is the perfect sunny day activity. Gather some friends and get tossing!

5. After your intense frisbee game you might be thirsty, use this cute, reusable glass water bottle to hydrate yourself. Comes in a variety of colors too for whatever mood you’re in!

Those are our Friday fave five essentials for sunny days! Get out and enjoy those rays! Most of all, have a fab weekend!





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