Home is truly where the heart is!

A house is more than just walls and doors, it’s a place where you feel comfortable, cozy and safe. The feeling of “home” is very personal. My travels have taken me from an awesome “student” flat in Rome to a 5 bedroom house on the Big Island of Hawaii, yet none of them felt like home! We have a 900 square foot condo in Canada, and for some reason that is the only place I have travelled that really felt like home! It’s the feeling you get when you walk in the door, that “ahh” feeling whether it’s after a long day of work or if you’re lucky enough to have a vacation home, it’s uniquely you! And the coolest part about it, NO one has the same home as you, it could potentially be the same “house” but it’s definitely  not the same “home”!

Since we’re on the subject of “home” here’s a little eye candy for you, a luxury property in Munich courtesy of Sotheby’s International Realty! This place will one day, be the place someone calls “home”!





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