Homemade Granola

Hi Grace-Girls! Happy New Year! Another year already gone byโ€ฆthat was fast! With the onset of the new year we wanted to share this recipe with you- it’s healthy, full of omega 3’s, protein and best of all it tastes AWESOME! Begin your new years resolution now, grab a bowl of your healthy homemade granola…

Smashed Potatoes?!

Not only is this a tasty choice for a side, it’s really quite fun to make! The “smashed potatoes” are so simple, and with the truffle oil, they are absolutely divine! Simply click the photo below to watch the video recipe. We sure hope that you share & enjoy! Xxx GraceGrl

Broccoli Cheddar Soup!

Hi Everyone! Here is an ABSOLUTELY delicious way to get in your dose of broccoli. It’s creamy (without using cream), rich (without costing a ton), and hands down wonderful. Adding spinach at the end gives the soup a vibrant green color. So, get ready to learn this crowd pleaser! Just click on the photo below…

The Toasted Almond Holiday Cocktail!

Hi Everyone! We hope that you are having a festive weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hi Everyone! We hope that you are having a festive weekend! We certainly are. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, it’s a little early where I live to make this right this moment, but even if it’s early in the day where you live, you can still…

Celebrity Style Hair Clips!

You know when you just can’t find the match to those favorite earrings, but for some strange reason, you hang on to the single anyway?! Well here’s a really fun solution – we saw some gorgeous celebrity looks on Michelle Dockery, Emma Stone, and Taylor Swift, and thought, why not see whether we could make…

Make your own Ice Wreath this Winter!

We had absolutely freezing weather this past week! So, we bundled up and headed outdoors to make this fun ice wreath. You can really make these all winter long if you live somewhere cold – and if you live somewhere warm, good news, you still have a freezer, you’ll just have to enjoy your wreath…

Sweet Potato Chips Recipe!

These sweet potato chips are absolutely scrumptious! Be sure to cut them nice and thinly so that they differ from those equally tasty sweet potato fries!

How to Make the Cranberry Pomegranate Fizz Cocktail!

Hi Grace Girls! This is such a fun cocktail to make, especially for a holiday party or a night with the girls! It’s especially wonderful if you add a little extra raspberry liquor! Just click the photo of Kira making it below to watch the how to video ๐Ÿ™‚ Xxx GraceGirl

DIY Modern Floral Arrangement!

Hi Girls! Here’s a really fun floral arrangement to try! It would be perfect for a holiday party or a hostess or host gift! We hope you love it! Just click below to watch the video for how to make it! Xxx GraceGirl